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VR Headset Storage

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Storing and charging a virtual reality headset safely when not in use is necessary in order to make sure the equipment continues to function properly. There are only a few options available that offer a way to store your vr headset both securely and attractively. Below we take a look at some of the challenges unique to storing this technology and then we provide a list of what is currently available.

VR Headset Storage Challenges

  • Tangled Cords: multiple headsets require at least one headset per unit resulting in a spaghetti-mess of tangled cables, cords, and chargers.
  • Controllers Mixed-up: each headset has two hand controllers paired that should stay together.
  • Safely Store VR Headsets: keep VR headsets safely tucked away and ready.
  • Charging Multiple Headsets is Inefficient & Unsafe:  plugging multiple headsets into multiple outlets is messy.

Current Solutions for Storing Virtual Reality Headsets

We take a look at some of the most popular solutions that are currently available for safely storing and charging VR Headsets.

The VR30 Device Cart – Immersion Series from Spectrum Industries

Spectrum says that security and mobility were the top priorities when creating the Immersion Series of VR Carts, as not every classroom will have the ability to have their own set of goggles and phones. Designed specifically for storing, charging, and protecting your virtual reality investment, the VR30™ Device Cart is the easy way to manage VR goggles and smartphones. Order without a shelf to accommodate larger headsets.


  • Recessed double-bolt latch with padlock
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction and powder-coated finish
  • Only one drawer can be pulled out at a time, reducing the chance the cart will tip.

VRGE Organization Solutions

VRGE is a little different from the other solutions in our list in that it has created a nice storage unit but only for one headset. This might be an ideal solution for a low volume environment in which only a handful of headsets need to be managed.


  • Stylish Blue Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Stores HTC Vive\Vive Pro\Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Rift-S, Quest, Playstation VR, Valve Index and Mixed Reality Headsets and Controllers
  • Easy installation with included mounting screws and anchors
Storage for VR Headsets - The VR PowerWall 8-Unit

The VR PowerWall™

A great grab n’ go charging and XR headset storage solution for enterprise. The attractive VR Power Wall can store and charge up to eight headsets. Sporting a smaller foot print with the ability to upgrade capacity, the VR Power Wall™ is a great choice for locations with limited space.


  • Compatible with all major VR Headsets: Oculus Quest,HTC Vive\Vive Pro\Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Rift-S, Quest, Playstation VR, Valve Index and Mixed Reality Headsets and Controllers
  • Stores & charges up to 8 headsets
  • Durable: constructed from 100% High Quality PVC Foam
  • Optional Marque for custom artwork, your logo or monetize into advertising space!
  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware
  • Compatible with the CleanBox
  • Designed & Manufactured in the USA

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