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Storage for The Apple Vision Pro

Storage for Apple Vision Pro

We have exciting news for fans of virtual reality and everything Apple! The Apple Vision Pro is being released on February 2, 2024. Apple started accepting pre-orders on January 24th, 2024.

This device is groundbreaking for the tech company and a validation for the entire virtual reality industry. We will discuss some of the many features and even learn how you can effectively  store & protect your Apple Vision Pro headset. Let’s dive into it!

What makes the Apple Vision Pro stand out from other VR Headsets?

The announcement of Apple’s Vision Pro has caused a ton of excitement. Let’s take a look at why there is so much hype around Apple’s latest product and it’s first spatial operating system.

Using only your hands, eyes, and voice you can type, open apps, view your desktop or watch a movie in space. Consider a long flight from New York to Australia. Sure, you could watch a movie on your laptop or mobile phone, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a big screen right in front of you? It doesn’t sound possible on an airplane, but with the Apple Vision Pro, it is. You will also be able to use apps just as you would on a MacBook or iPhone. The difference is that the apps are in the space in front of you ready for you to interact with.

The Vision Pro includes a stretchy, comfortable headband for maximum comfort even with elongated use. It comes equipped with built in security and privacy, dual chip performance, impressive eye tracking, and incredible spatial audio. One of the coolest things about this new headset is that it has absolutely stunning graphics. Each lens has more pixels than a 4K TV!

The Perfect All-In-One Storage Solution for Your New Headsets

How will you protect your organization’s significant investment in the Apple Vision Pro? You’ll need to consider viable storage options. The LookingGlassXR PowerCart™ is fully compatible with the new Apple Vision Pro. These storage carts feature casters for mobility, UV-C cleaning lights, charging docks for each headset, a durable, large locking system, and storage for up to 24 headsets. It’s the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, and more!

When you purchase one, and especially multiple of these pricey devices, you will want best-in-class storage. Not only will the devices be stored properly in our PowerCart, but they will also remain sanitized, safe from theft or property damage, and charged when not in use.

The LGXR PowerCart is equipped to store, charge all of your Apple Vision Pro devices. On top of that, our carts are ready to ship, so you can rest knowing you’ll have them around the same time as your headsets!

Getting Ready for Life With The Apple Vision Pro

The groundbreaking news of the Apple Vision Pro has created a lot of excitement and anticipation for the future of VR. Is your organization considering purchasing several Apple Vision Pro Headsetss? How will you protect your investment? The Looking Glass XR Storage Carts & VR storage cases are ready now to securily store & charge your Apple Vision Pro VR Headsets!

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