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Looking Glass XR specializes in providing custom XR software development to assist our clients in achieving their educational, training, marketing, collaboration and design objectives. We have been building best-in-class software solutions for a diverse range of clients in the entertainment, education, retail, government, military, construction, & financial industries since 2015!

HBCU in North Carolina Launches Virtual Reality for Nursing Students

1.4+ billion people worldwide are actively using AR & VR solutions.

Marketers, educational institutions, manufacturers, municiplities, retailers – today, the application areas of virtual reality and augmented reality are infinite. With such a great demand & opportunity comes a range of companies that offer custom AR development services.

How do you choose the perfect xr developer for your next project?

XR is considered a young technology and first movers still retain an advantage. Experience counts when execution has to be on time. Begin by researching only the top virtual/augmented reality development companies that bring years of experience, utilize top-shelf technologies, and can provide outstanding case studies.

Our Clients:

Just some of the Companies, Organizations & Institutions that are already using Looking Glass VR Storage solutions to securely protect & charge their equipment.

Krispy Kreme
Red Bull
White Claw
NC Zoo

for Education

vr training in education

Create meaningful, enduring learning experiences.

Looking Glass XR creates immersive educational experiences using VR or AR that helps students better understand complex subjects. Imagine a virtual science lab or historical reenactments that a classroom could visit in real time and explore.

How it works

Lets talk! After a short meeting we should have enough information to begin conceptualizing your project.

for Enterprise

Augment Skill Sets, Effectively Onboard new hires…

Develop immersive training simulations, particularly useful in industries like healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, & food services. Training in a realistic virtual environment can help trainees acquire hands-on experience without the associated costs & exposure to real-world risks.

How it works

Lets talk! After a short meeting we should have enough information to begin conceptualizing your project.

for Marketing & Promotion

Trying VR Surfing

You Can Capture your audience’s attention Like Never before!

We design interactive VR or AR campaigns leveraging the unique opportunities that the technology can provide to enhance corporate presentations and marketing campaigns. Imagine virtual showrooms for products, AR applications with engaging advertisements, or an immersive experiences at a trade show booth. With the power of virtual reality, if you can imagine it…we really can make it!

How it works

Lets talk! After a short meeting we should have enough information to begin conceptualizing your project.

Why it works

Measurable Opportunity.

4 times faster to train than in the classroom


275% of trainees are more confident to apply skills learned after training

3.75 times the number of trainees are more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners

4 times the number of trainees are more focused than their e-learning peers

In a recent Price Waterhouse Coopers study, employees who had taken VR training said they felt 40% more confident to act on their training than classroom learners and 35% more confident than e-learners. These VR trainees also felt four times more focused than e-learners—and completed their programs 1.5 times faster.

VR training achieves cost parity with classroom learning at 375 users and with e-learning at 1,950 users, PwC found.

For Hilton, VR has proven to be both efficient, cutting a four-hour class session to 20 minutes, and effective, leading 87% of trainees to change their behaviors.

At Purina PetCare, shifting 10 employees a month to VR training saved $100,000 annually on travel and lost productivity.

“Looking Glass was professional and a great resource for our business.”

– Russell Parmele, Winston-Salem Dash

“Super friendly staff and fantastic VR experience.”

– Ryan Tettenburn

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