Storage for Virtual Reality Headsets

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The VR Power Cart can Store & Charge Multiple Headsets

Virtual Reality is becoming more prevalent for educational and training purposes. Thus, many schools and organizations are opting to implement this technology. Of course, you’ll need to research software and hardware as part of your deployment strategy. But what about things like storage, charging, and hygiene? In this article, we’ll dive into handling these equally important aspects of VR deployment.

VR Power Cart Storage Considerations

So you have decided to implement Virtual Reality in your organization? Or you’ve been using VR for a while. You could be seeking VR for your classroom or teaching new hires how to greet the next customer. VR has a wide range of capabilities and limitless ways to experience things in a new, virtual way. You may be wondering how to store these devices conveniently and safely. Whatever the case, it helps to have a system that tackles many problems at once: storage, security, cleanliness, charging, and mobility. Until recently, there wasn’t a good solution for meeting these needs.

Protect Your Investment

Consider the cost of one headset alone. The average VR headset costs about $430. Now, if you’re planning to deploy VR at scale, you may have 24, 50, or even more headsets. The expenses are high. So with that in mind, how do you plan on storing these costly devices? Will they sit side-by-side on top of bags while charging (and taking up multiple outlets)? That may seem okay, although quite chaotic; however, when you consider the safety of these headsets, the game changes. The VR headsets could be stolen or broken, making it difficult to manage and keep track of each device. Storing the equipment safely in a powercart seems obvious.

VR Power Cart

Disinfecting & Cleaning Your VR Hardware

Hygiene – VR headsets are prone to germs and bacteria–after all, they rest on your face… and presumably many others’ faces. So you’ll want to factor hygiene into your maintenance routine. These concerns seem small, but dealing with multiple headsets adds time and money, which you could spend elsewhere. The CleanBox offers a robust cleaning solution for VR equipment.


The Cleanbox and the VR PowerWall

Selecting the best software and hardware is essential, but it is not an everyday task. However, storage, charging, and cleaning are things you will deal with daily while using VR in your school or organization.

The VR Power Cart stores & charges up to 24 headsets of most major mobile VR headsets. Some of those headsets include Pico, Meta Quest, Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens. The VR Power Cart also has stainless steel locks with extra large locking pins and large caster wheels, allowing you to move the unit as needed.

Ultimately, if you want to deploy VR, there are many things to consider. Choosing hardware and software can be a fun, interactive component of the entire process; however, items such as the storage of your virtual reality equipment are often seen as a headache–and they certainly can be if overlooked.

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