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Deploying VR at Scale

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Deploying VR at Scale

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A Guide On How to Set Up & Manage Enterprise XR

Are you curious about, or struggling to, deploy virtual reality (VR) in your business or classroom? To understand why this deployment process is so important, I’d like to discuss how VR has revolutionized how industries and academia have taught, shown, and engaged. Briefly, lets look at how VR is being used and who is using it at scale.

How Virtual Reality is used:

  • Doctors practicing surgical procedures
  • Employee safety training
  • Marketing & Sales presentations
  • Soft skills training
  • Recruitment
  • Events, conferences, & meetings
  • Patients in therapy or recovering from surgery

Industries that benefit from Virtual Reality:

  • Corporations
  • Schools/Education
  • Location Based Entertainment
  • Public Event Spaces
  • Museums
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Municipalities
  • Government/Military
VR and AR Adoption Rate
Graph provided by Statista and shows a clear uptick in the expected adoption rate for VR and AR over the next five years.
We would first like to thank Jim Lorentz from AVR Connect for inviting us to share their booth at this year’s 2022 NCATC Conference in Concord/Kannapolis, NC September 21-23.

The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC) is an Affiliated Council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) catalyzing a network of higher education and industry-led Strategic Partner resources that advocates, advises, and promotes the use of advanced technology applications to enhance economic and workforce development programs and services.

With over 160 members from community and technical colleges, universities, CTE high schools, adult education organizations and the corporate community, NCATC provides great networking opportunities at both their Summer Workshop and Fall Conference every year.

Choosing the Right Equipment & Software to Set Up & Manage Enterprise XR

Compare VR Headsets for Enterprise

PC? All-in-one? How do you choose the correct headset?

Quest & Quest PRO from META

META Quest offers an android-based gaming and software system that for as low as $299, you can begin playing or learning in an immersive way. The META Quest allow you to use your own hands or the touch controllers. Equipped with a 6GB RAM, you’ll benefit from the headset’s smooth performance.

HTC Vive Focus 3

HTC Vive Focus 3

The Vive Focus is a standalone, all-in-one headset meant for professional use, which can creatively transform how you work. Learning and training is intuitive and effective with the Vive Focus. With the best graphics, comfort, and features in the market, you will benefit from creatively involving VR in the workplace. 

HTC Vive Pro 2

HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro 2 offers an enriching, immersive VR experience featuring room-scale tracking and 5K visuals. This headset is a top-notch option for serious gamers and professionals alike. The headset features stereoscopic audio and meticulous room-scale tracking.

Valve Index

Valve Index

The Valve Index is used in conjunction with a PC and offers the option for controllers. Valve puts fedelity first with this headset; it offers a stunning visual experience with an advanced pixel layout and higher frame rates. 

HP Reverb 2 Omnicept

HP Reverb 2 Omnicept

This headset is ultra-light and immersive. It is driven by a users natural response in any given moment. This headset offers high-quality graphics, as well as equally impressive audio components.

The Pico 4 Headset for Enterprise VR

Pico Neo 4 PRO

The Pico 4 offers a balanced design, where the front and back are evenly distributed. The headset is lightweight and offers clear graphics. As an all-in-one device, it’s easy to wear around without compromising quality.

Lenovo ThinkReality VRX

Lenovo ThinkReality VRX

This all-in-one headset offers a lightweight, immersive experience for Enterprise. This headset allows for pass-through capabilties when using mixed reality applications.

XR-3 Vargo Headset

The Varjo XR-3

Offering the widest views of any XR headset, the Varjo XR-3 is the only actual Mixed Reality device. The headset display photorealistic graphics that lets you ‘change’ reality. 

AR & VR Headset Management Software

Remotely manage your AR & VR devices, deploy content, and control what users can see and do in the headsets.

ArborXR Dashboard Screenshot
Screenshot of the dashboard of the ArborXR Headset Management Platform

Arbor XR

ManageXR Dashboard Screenshot
Screenshot of the dashboard of the ManageXR Headset Management Platform


Screenshot of the ExtendXR dashboard's Analytics View
Screenshot of the ExtendXR dashboard’s Analytics View

HP ExtendXR

AR & VR Storage Solutions

These devices will help you manage yoiur VR Headsets and the associated paraphernalia that these headsets require to operate effectively & safely.  

VR Headset Storage Challenges

  • Tangled Cords: multiple headsets require at least one headset charging cord per unit resulting in a spaghetti-mess of tangled cables, cords, and chargers.
  • Controllers Mixed-up: each headset has two hand controllers that are paired to that particular headset and should stay together.
  • Safely Store VR Headsets:keep the VR headsets safely tucked away where they will be protected and ready.
  • Charging Multiple Headsets is Inefficient & Unsafe:  plugging multiple headsets into multiple outlets is messy and can be unsafe.

VR Headset Storage Solutions Currently Available

Storage solutions for XR devices is a new market and options are limited. We have researched several of the most popular choices and have provided a quick overview below.

The VR30 Device Cart – Immersion Series from Spectrum Industries

Spectrum says that security and mobility were the top priorities when creating the Immersion Series of VR Carts, as not every classroom will have the ability to have their own set of goggles and phones. Designed specifically for storing, charging, and protecting your virtual reality investment, the VR30™ Device Cart is the easy way to manage VR goggles and smartphones. Order without a shelf to accommodate larger headsets.


  • Recessed double-bolt latch with padlock
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction and powder-coated finish
  • Only one drawer can be pulled out at a time, reducing the chance the cart will tip.

VRGE Organization Solutions

VRGE is a little different from the other solutions in our list in that it has created a nice storage unit but only for one headset. This might be an ideal solution for a low volume environment in which only a handful of headsets need to be managed.


  • Stores HTC Vive\Vive Pro\Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Rift-S, Quest, Playstation VR, Valve Index and Mixed Reality
  • Stylish Blue Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Stores Headsets and Controllers
  • Easy installation with included mounting screws and anchors
VR Storage for the Quest 3

VR Storage for the Quest 3

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Why a VR Headset Storage Cabinet is Important

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VR Storage for the Quest 3

Meta is back with more virtual reality fun! Just recently, the company released the third version of their Quest headsets. The device is deemed to be the best yet - it is completely rebuilt to offer the most impressive mixed reality experience. From the stunning...

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