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LOOKING GLASS Now Offers Floorplans from 3D Virtual Tours

LOOKING GLASS is excited to offer a new feature available with every 3D VIrtual Tour scan. We are now able to offer floor plans so accurate you can take measurements and help viewers plan their new home down to the square foot.

Before this we had only two viewpoints readily available; the dollhouse option, and the virtual tour. Save yourself some time and energy when planning renovations, restorations, or shopping for new furniture. Know right away if that new couch can fit in a room, or how much granite you need to cut for new counter tops. Hand measuring or pulling copies of blueprints is a hassle of the past.

Up until the release of this service, home owners had to pull the architect’s floor plans or pay an Architect to create them. While the architect floor plans were thorough, the buyer ended up with much more information than required.  Architect floor plans cover every aspect of the home, from the size of the windows, to the depth of kitchen cabinets. The floor plans that LOOKING GLASS provide a way of showcasing the property quickly and accurately. Our floor plans are already ready to be posted onto Zillow, ForRent, and If online showcasing alone isn’t cutting it, the floor plans can be printed off on flyers or brochures with ease.

Easily showcase the flow and feel of a home, allowing the viewer to get a quick idea of how the home functions. Provide your prospective buyers a savvy new way of seeing the layout of their future home. In just a glance, the buyer can quickly make a decision about the layout and flow of the home.

While you can always use the virtual tour to travel from room to room, with the new floor plan feature you can showcase your real estate property in a flash! Click to learn more about the LOOKING GLASS FLOOR PLANS from a 3D Virtual Tour and how to order one for your tour now.

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