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Matterport Virtual Tours Now Work in Google Street View

Matterport Virtual Tours Now Work in Google Street View

You have always been able to share your Matterport Virtual Tours for your business online. You can embed them on your websites, share them on social media, or even by simply sending a link. But now Google and Matterport have announced a new partnership that will dramatically increase your 360 property scan’s level of exposure and make them even easier to share!

Matterport Business Tours work in Google Street View

The new application will allow business owners to embed their Matterport Virtual Tours into Google Street View. When a user is virtually exploring your neighborhood in Street View, they will be able to go into and visit your business!

The user clicks the pop up, and they switch seamlessly from the street to the entryway to your business. From there, they will be able to roam through the building, and, when finished, walk out the door and resume using the regular Street View.

Residential Disclosure

For residential clients who have virtual property tours: don’t worry, residential 360 property tours are not available to Street View.

“Business Owners receive the best of both worlds; leveraging the highly immersive, and easy-to-use Matterport 3D experience of a company’s location on their website and providing access to their 360 tour on Street View.”

What Is Google Street View?

Google Street View IconGoogle Street View is a free technology that was developed and launched by Google in 2007. Google Maps and now Google Earth feature the Google Street View capabilities.

Users can navigate through and explore real, 360 degree horizontal and 290 degree vertical, full-color, panoramic street level images of various cities around the world. Street View is comprised of over 5 million miles of roads, covering 39 countries and about 3,000 cities and continues to grow.

Google Street View allows users to take virtual walks, explore landmarks, or walk down the main streets of major cities throughout the world. And now you will be able to visit and actually go into shops and restaurants thanks to the alliance between Matterport and Google Street View.

“Google takes you to the front door and Matterport takes you inside!”

How to use Google Street View

Lifewire – a website dedicated to excellent and very valuable life hacks and facts – has an excellent article that shows you step by step how to activate and use the powerful Google Street View feature in Google Maps.

Matterport Provides a Superior Virtual Experience

Matterport is the most powerful all-in-one solution. Matterport empowers business owners to have cutting-edge 3D experiences, high-resolution 2D photography, accurate floor plans and a variety of social friendly assets, that can be used to differentiate their businesses and provide a superior customer experience.

The latest camera firmware updates speed up the cameras’ rotation, enabling your Matterport Service Partner to scan spaces in a fraction of the time. This means the virtual scan can be performed with minimal downtime.

How to Order A Matterport Virtual Tour for Your Business

It has never been easier to schedule a Matterport scan of your business. Matterport has become the leader in the 360 scanning commercial community for years. This has resulted in a network of professional “Matterport Service Partners”. Matterport provides a very easy search tool to help you locate an MSP near you. Even a short google search for the term “Matterport Service Partner + your city name” will usually locate a few in your area. Some MSP’s provide additional add-ons and can help you hook up your Business 360 Scan to Google Street View…sometimes for free!

Order a Virtual Tour of your business now. No credit card needed. Call (336) 830-0015 or use our short form to schedule your business scan.

Matterport Library of Virtual Business Tours

Matterport Library of Virtual Business Tours

Matterport for Businesses and Venues.

Matterport’s website has several portfolio galleries demonstrating how a Virtual Tour can become a beautiful, effective, enticing, representation of the property online. You can explore their library of virtual spaces of real businesses online or on your VR-enabled device. Use the drop down in the upper left to narrow your search and filter by business category. The page loads on the “Restaurants & Bars” Category.

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