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360 Real Estate : A Case Study

While using technology to create 360 real estate tours has been around for the past decade; it is not until recently that the technology behind this venture has been truly able to meet our expectations. What started with hand stitched panoramic photographs, hours of patience, and a sub-par result, has now become something of wonder. Users are now able to “walk” through the house and really experience a true feel for the property. Instead of the image appearing flat and stretched, 360 real estate tours offer a unique depth to them. There has been a swift change of expectations in the world of real estate the past year, in that 360 real estate tours are now in a higher demand. Here are some great examples of how a 360 real estate tour was able to accomplish what normal photography would not.

3D Tours - Bermuda Run

Bermuda Run

If you’ve ever driven past or seen any of the homes in Bermuda Run, you know that they are lavish homes. The perfectly manicured lawn and landscaping guides the viewer to the picture perfect front porch. It’s easy to imagine what lies behind that door. Grand pianos, open concept living spaces, large galley kitchens, all spring to mind. These homes are not priced for the average household income, and should be showcased in a higher fashion. Traditional photography would never have been able to capture the light breathy atmosphere of this home, and the seamless transition from the opening foyer next to the formal dining area, past the living room, into a spectacular kitchen complete with a bar and breakfast nook. With Looking Glass’ cutting edge 360 real estate tour, you can really get a feel for the home’s true beauty. Something that made this 360 real estate exceptional was Looking Glass’ exceptional coverage of the stairway. The transition from the first to the second floor feels natural and realistic.

3D Tours-West End Mansion

West End Mansion

Never before has there been a method as advanced as a 360 real estate tour to showcase before and after renovation projects. By using a 360 real estate tour you can easily show the full extent of the renovation process, and fully present the reasoning for the huge increase in market value. This West End mansion is a prime example of a massive renovation process. After being abandoned and vacant for years, this west end mansion started to crumble and hide it’s beauty and possibilities. In our 360 real estate tour you are able to travel between all three floors of the once opulent home. Almost all of the furniture has been taken out of the home, save for a few appliances on the third floor, and most of the plaster walls have been torn down to the bare beams of the house. We, personally, cannot wait for the second 360 real estate tour shoot of this home. Being able to walk through the before and after, or do side by side virtual comparisons will give this property a stiff upper-hand in the market if the owners choose to resell it.

Union Station Temporary

Union Station

Showcasing commercial and industrial properties can be tricky. How do you really show the value of a large scale property or office building accurately. Individual shots of compartments or rooms can feel redundant when publishing, and the overall feel of the property is often lost on photography that doesn’t do the property justice. This is where a 360 real estate tour can help by offering a virtual walk through of the property. Let the potential buyers extensively tour the property with no additional work needed by you. This is especially useful with reclusive properties, or when there are stipulations to viewing times and dates. If a property is difficult to schedule walk throughs because of the current owner still occupying the building, you can offer a virtual alternative with a 360 real estate tour. This will allow you to only have to schedule physical walk throughs with serious inquiry buyers only.

In short no matter what your real estate listing type is, using a 360 real estate tour can help add value to your listing. Looking Glass is currently working on expanding our reach out from just 360 real estate tours for residential and commercial real estate, to also include vacant lots. Using DK4 technology and remote controlled drones Looking Glass will soon be able to provide aerial footage of vacant lots. Not only will this add 360 real estate tour options for vacant lots, but also add exterior footage capabilities to previously scanned properties. Show off that beautiful garden, large detached garage, or the long winding driveway with exterior aerial scanning technologies.



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