Greensboro Matterport Service Partner

Find a Greensboro Matterport Service PartnerLooking Glass Virtual Reality Services is the leading Greensboro Matterport Service Partner. Home owners, real estate agents, property managers, architects and interior designers of Guilford county are able to use Looking Glass Virtual Reality Services to help create immersive 3D renderings of properties or showrooms. As a Greensboro Matterport service partner, Looking Glass Services works hard to ensure the 360 virtual tour you receive is top notch. That our service is easy to use; our professional staff shows up on time and works with the agent or home owner to learn about the property and identify any areas of interest to be sure to include in the virtual tour.

What is a Matterport MSP or Greensboro Matterport Service Partner?

The Matterport Service Partner Program is a worldwide network of professionals specializing in providing scan services using the Matterport Camera technology. Matterport Service Parters are businesses and individuals approved and supported by Matterport to provide services in a certain area or region of the United States. Looking Glass Virtual Reality Services Inc. has been North Carolina’s Matterport MSP for over 3 years now!

Why Looking Glass Services is one of the top Greensboro Matterport Service Partners?

Looking Glass Services was the first company in central North Carolina to become a Matterport Service Partner. Looking Glass Services has almost 3 years experience under their belt and has scanned over 2 million square feet and to date of real estate and residential properties. We are contracted by some of the biggest real estate agents in the triad! As a Greensboro Matterport Service Partner, Matterport has endorsed Looking Glass Services as being one of the most reputable Matterport Service Partners in the Triad area. Looking Glass Services have already established themselves as being the leading Matterport Service Partner for Winston Salem, and is now ready to expand further into Greensboro.

What is a Matterport Virtual Tour?

A Matterport Virtual Tour has 3 main parts and components. The first is an actual virtual tour, which allows users to “walk” through a home or property in an immersive experience. The second component is the floorplan view. Where you can see an overview of the scanned location. This helps to show the “flow” of the property, along with room positioning and proportions of locations within the scan. The third component is a 3D dollhouse rendering of the scanned location which allows the viewers to pinch, stretch, spin, and explore the property as a dollhouse. Each unique view offers a different perspective on the scanned property and comes with additional options such as floor plans, the ability to showcase before & afters, and provide laser scanned measurements to architects or interior designers.

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