Looking Glass Presents: Matterport Virtual Tours

How are Matterport Virtual Tours different from traditional 360 Panoramic Photography or other available “Virtual Tours”? Most traditional virtual tours aren’t really virtual – it is misleading and frankly, can be a disappointment.

Typically these consists of a simple gallery of stationary, panoramic photos, painstakingly “stitched” together and navigated via some clunky control scheme.

Although the techniques vary, most traditional tours do not allow the viewer to actually move around within the space. At the very most, traditional tours offer 10 or so individual locations to view a space. Traditional photographers create these tours by using DSLR cameras to capture a space with multiple photos that are then hand stitched to form a panorama which is viewed from a player.

A Matterport Virtual Tour allows the viewer to explore the space from up to 200 locations,seamlessly!! We use an expensive, specialized, high tech 3D camera system consisting of cameras and spatial scanning sensors that, in addition to capturing the space in beautiful, high resolution images, it scans and generates a polygonal mesh. This mesh is used to create a dynamic, 3D model that can be explored online AND in a virtual reality headset such as an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear!!

Our showcase provides the ability to navigate intuitively via several viewpoints: first person, birds eye (floor plan) and isometric (the “doll house”. You can even highlight certain “clickable” features with our annotation tool!! Our software is also supported by Zillow and Facebook – now you can easily place your Matterport Virtual Tour in your MLS listing or Facebook page.

Looking Glass creates high-quality, immersive 3D models of your space that you share with your audience.

As the lens and laser system scans, it captures the colors and contours of a space — calculating dimensions and spatial relationships between objects. There is nothing else like it in the industry. Other laser-based camera systems are cumbersome, expensive and take days to create a 3D model. We can scan a space and have it on the internet in hours!

HDR-Quality 3D

This isn’t CGI. We generate highly realistic, detailed models that combine a 3D mesh with high dynamic range panoramic imagery. Simply beautiful.


Move through the interior easily, then zoom out to the “dollhouse“ for a 3D isometric view or floorplan for a birds eye view.



The simple, “game-like” interface lets you move through a space naturally. Fully explore every inch with intuitive controls, keyboard shortcuts, even virtual reality!


Powerful computer vision algorithms can tackle common obstacles – like a cluttered space or large, empty spaces, or spaces with many windows.


With a simple link or embed code, your 3D Showcase can be seamlessly included in your Webpages. No downloads or plugins needed.


No software, no plug ins to install and update. Share with anyone right from your internet browser.



LOOKING GLASS provides a powerful way to rapidly scan even the largest properties.


Now anybody can see accurate floorplans, take measurements and capture images from any angle!


LOOKING GLASS is a key part of the optimal “click and mortar” showroom and commerce experience.

Traditional Virtual Tours VS. Matterport Virtual Tours

Traditional 3D "Virtual" Tours
12 or less points of interest or Tour Locations
Isolated 360 Panoramas - one tour per room
No stitching from each location
Limited to 16 or less photos
3+ day post production work required
Distracting Fish-eye Distortion
Matterport Virtual Tours
Up to 200 points of interest or Tour Locations
True Virtual Reality - Full Immersion
True 3D Polygon Mesh Stitching
High Resolution Cameras capture dozens of images
FAST! 24 hour post production
Realistic Perspectives
Full Screen
Mobile Friendly
Easily embed tours into a website
Supported by Zillow
Easily post on Facebook Wall
Isometric "Doll House" View
"Floor Plan View"
Get Accurate Measurements - with measuring tools
Highlight features with the Annotation Tool
Client Login Portal
Download project .obj files for CAD
Compatible with Virtual Reality
Impress prospects - there is nothing else like it!
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