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360 Virtual Campus Tour Blamed for Record Breaking Enrollment Numbers

The results are in, and they point to a very promising future with 360 virtual campus tours. Indiana University Bloomington is experiencing record breaking enrollment numbers following their brand new 360 virtual campus tour being shared with prospective students. IU Bloomington has a record setting 43,213 students which surpasses their enrollment numbers from 2015 by 1.5%

Numbers Don’t Lie

The 360 virtual campus tour was physically mailed out to 8,000 Indiana residents and  shared on their website in 2015.  Indiana University had custom Google Cardboard viewers printed with their logo and mailed out with a QR code directing individuals to their virtual tour experience. Within the first week of the mailing, Indiana University Bloomington noted over 2,000 unique visitors to their 360 virtual campus tour. Within months the long term effects of setting up a 360 virtual campus tour were noticeable. Since the mailing  in 2015 the enrollment numbers have only increased. 2015 brought on a raise in degree seeking students by 4.5%. Over 6,000 international students were enrolled just in 2015 alone, which was a 3% increase and record breaking enrollment. In 2016 the number of international students shot up to 8,714 and early predictions are pointing at this number steadily increasing.

Indiana’s 360 Virtual Campus Tours

indiana-univaersity-google-cardboardThe university hasn’t seen enrollment figures such as these in their entire history. While they are not directly citing their 360 virtual campus tour as the only reason behind this large enrollment increase, the numbers certainly point to this being a factor. Ever since the success of Indiana University Bloomington’s 360 virtual campus tour other colleges and universities in Indiana have followed suit with having a scan performed on their campus. Anderson University, Ball State University, Butler University, Hanover College, Indiana State University, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Perdue University, University of Evansville, University of Southern Indiana, and Vicennes University have all joined Indiana University Bloomington in adding a 360 virtual campus tour option to their website.  The vast majority of these universities have seen record setting international enrollment numbers for 2016.

Schedule Your 360 Virtual Campus Tour Today

With a Looking Glass 360 virtual campus tour we can give your school the tools it needs to reach out internationally. By allowing prospective students an immersive virtual tour of your campus, you’re increasing campus exposure and allowing both parents and students to see what your college or university has to offer. These scans only take a few hours to a couple days to complete depending on the amount of buildings chosen to be scanned. Once the 360 virtual campus tour is created it’s incredibly easy to share with the world. Our Looking Glass 360 virtual campus tours are able to be shared on your website, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t worry about device compatibility. All of our 360 virtual campus tours can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and cellphones. Reach out to us with the handy contact form found HERE to schedule your 360 virtual campus tour today.




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