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Tarheel VR SCAM? – Is Tarheel VR a Real Company?

Looking Glass would like to ensure that all of our customers are aware that we are not affiliated with Tarheel VR.

tarheel vr scam 1Earlier this month we had a notification that our site had been duplicated.  We couldn’t believe it, this went beyond the typical stealing of a few lines of text. Tarheel VR stole from our website in its entirety – literally cloning it – causing some customers confusion over who was the real Looking Glass. A quick whois report on their domain revealed that it was created 04/30/2016 and a review of their social posts don’t appear to go back but a couple of months.  Tarheel VR’s plagiarism included not only all of our slides, text content and images; but even linking to our portfolio of scanned properties, including our featured Parade of Homes virtual tours, claiming them as their own! They even took our content and added it to their social profiles and networks.

Tarheel VR Scam causes Confusion on the Phones Last Week

We are very concerned people might confuse Tarheel VR with us, as all of our digital assets have been copied onto their website and across all their social media platforms. This even included performing a color swap of our custom Looking Glass logo. Tarheel VR even stole our logo!

We have requested that all Looking Glass Services, Inc.’s content be removed from Tarheel VR’s website, FaceBook, and Twitter accounts. Tarheel VR has currently redirected traffic to a realtor’s website. This page is a smorgasbord of copyrighted content from the websites of at  least 4 other virtual reality companies and vendors.

We would like to further clarify that Looking Glass remains the sole sponsor of the virtual reality interest group Triad Virtual Reality (TVR) and that Tarheel VR is not affiliated, associated, or a member of the Triad Virtual Reality meetup group.

No further legal action by Looking Glass Services, Inc. has been taken at this time and Tarheel VR have complied to requests to remove our content from their properties. Even so, we are continuing to find our text and images being used across all of their social properties, etc. where they appear to steal content from a variety of websites and companies.

Click to View a PDF side by side website comparison


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