3M’s New VR Headset Reference

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3M and Pegatron are working together to develop a new Virtual Reality reference design headset with a unique folded optics lens. This new curved lens uses 3M’s proprietary reflective polarizer to deliver high resolution, high transmission and a wide field of view while enabling a thinner, light-weight design.

The 3M lens assembly uses a curved glass lens with the 3M™ High Acuity Reflective Polarizer (HARP) lens.

“We are excited to bring this advanced technology to the virtual reality market,” said Susan Kent, Ph.D., 3M Virtual Reality Technical Leader. “Folded optics is a very efficient method to deliver high resolution, high contrast content in a beautiful and sleek design.”

“The new lens technology allows more freedom in the design of the headset,” said Paula Chen, Pegatron VX6 Project Leader. “Our new reference design, the VX6, is streamlined and slim while sitting close to the eye.”

The VX6 reference design is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2 proc. Wi-Fi 6 performance allows the VX6 to achieve true wireless VR with incredibly fast download speeds. The headset has four cameras that handle the mixed reality experience and head tracking. Even with a narrow profile, the headset can be adjusted for users who have prescription glasses. The headset’s field of view is 95 degrees and the curved lenses makes it feel fully immersive.

Mass production for the VX6 headset with 3M curved lenses is scheduled for late 2021, while a version that incorporates flat 3M lenses may be available earlier.

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