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Let your 3d Virtual Property Tour do the talking!

Now you can embed notes into your property tour highlighting features.

Selling properties with Looking Glass’ 3D virtual tours just became even better. The newly acquired MatterTag technology will allow for realtors to add virtual notes that pop up while a client is virtually touring a property.

Did they just click right through the kitchen? Or did they notice that the skylight is positioned directly above the custom built-in island? Are they aware of the storage closets in the basement that were closed during the scan? Stop worrying. Stop feeling the urge to email additional fact sheets.

Our Looking Glass 3D scans are your one-stop solution for showcasing properties and now featuring MatterTags to help you annotate the journey.

Showcasing your business has never been easier. With Looking Glass’ tagging option on it’s easy to up-sell your business amenities and additional features while someone is viewing your 3D virtual tour.

Tell your customers what beers you have on draft behind the bar, what time hotel checkout is at, what the rental cost is for your event rooms; all with the click of a button.

Looking Glass’ MatterTag system is quick and easy to use, and allows you to add annotations to any new or existing Looking Glass 3D virtual tour.

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