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Close Faster with 360 Real Estate Tours

What is a 360 Real Estate Tour?

A 360 real estate tour is fast becoming the go to way of showcasing a property to potential home buyers. While a new form of technology proven to increase real estate closings is fantastic news, what is a 360 real estate tour exactly? These tours are a virtual solution to viewing and touring the inside of any real estate listing. By using top notch digital camera rigs that capture a full 360 degree spectrum of their surroundings, a cutting edge stitching software, and reliable tour hosting with Matterport; you can now capture, view and share the interior of any real estate listing in a matter of hours.

Features and Benefits

360 real estate tours allow the showing agent, along with the current homeowner to provide virtual open houses at any and all hours. Instead of scrambling to and from showing properties to potential buyers that may not even be truly interested in a house, or dedicated an entire day to showings. You can now cleave that time down to a few hours of your day. Once the 360 real estate tour is completed, you can easily send or upload the tour nearly anywhere. Real estate agents, home builders and home buyers are not the only ones who can benefit from this technology though. Architects can use the micrometer accurate digital blueprints to plan renovations, the floorplans of the property can be viewed both as an overhead, or as a “dollhouse” view. Buildings that are undergoing extensive renovations and remodeling can provide a full before and after tour. Fully portraying the extent of their renovation process.

How can I use a 360 Real Estate Tour?

Utilizing and sharing your newly completed 360 real estate tour is easy! You can email the link to the tour to prospective buyers along with a few other properties they may be interested in. Let them complete virtual walk throughs and cut down on the amount of unnecessary open houses you’re currently having. Get some nifty custom Google Cardboard viewers printed for your office or business. Pass these out to your clients at their initial meeting and blow them away with the future of real estate. You can also share and  view the 360 real estate tours on social media sites such as Facebook! Even your favorite MLS providers are now offering support for virtual real estate tours including Trulia and Zillow.

Examples of a 360 Real Estate Tour

Please explore the tours below to view some of our completed 360 Real Estate tours. Including tours in vertical markets like retail, commercial, renovation projects. Reach out to one of our Looking Glass representatives and book your 360 real estate tour scanning appointment today.




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