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What is a Local Matterport Service Provider?

A Local Matterport Service Provider is a person or business officially endorsed and supported by Matterport. Matterport provides cutting edge technology that Looking Glass utilizes to create breathtaking 360 virtual tours. Being a Local Matterport Service Provider is a lot more than just using Matterport equipment, it’s also a support system. In order to become a Local Matterport Service Provider you need to provide Matterport with your business information, use their equipment, and have a portfolio to show of your work. Once approved for the process Matterport will assign you a territory, and begin referring business based off of your completed projects. Looking Glass was the first business in the Piedmont-Triad area to apply for the Local Matterport Service Provider program. Looking Glass was also the first business in the Piedmont-Triad area to not only be given referrals directly from Matterport, but to be an exclusive service area partner.

Matterport Service PartnerSo what else does a Local Matterport Service Provider do? We work exclusively with Matterport to utilize their digital hosting program for completed 360 virtual tours. Looking Glass also has the benefit of receiving constantly updated training materials to keep us fully in the loop of any changes or quick-cuts to our process. We are also able to offer not just local support for our completed projects, but also a full customer service department via Matterport.

As of today we are still the only business inside the Piedmont-Triad that is fully supported and endorsed by Matterport. Looking Glass has the largest portfolio, and most scans out of any other Local Matterport Service Provider in the entire state of North Carolina, and we have no plans to change that fact. We are currently averaging at least one scan a day, and have consistently out-performed any other 360 virtual tour provider in the state of North Carolina.

Through Matterport’s global network of Local Service Partners, prospective customers are able to contact Matterport directly and receive a referral for a local business or 360 virtual tour provider in your neighborhood. Through this program you are able to have the quality you would expect from a large corporation, but the chance to support and work a local business in the process.




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