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Introducing the 3rd dimension to real estate.

Change your open house hours to being 24/7. Close more sales with a virtual tour that shows people the inside of properties and allows viewers to tour the interior seamlessly.
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Give your clients the upperhand!

Use a virtual tour in your next presentation, and show the seller the future of real estate. >How?


Impress your clients (?i’m uncertain with this wording)

Home buyers will immediately see if they are truly interested in a property because they are able to fully experience it through a virtual tour.
Showcase your listings

Lookin Glass tours are able to be shared across social media, and viewable to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Anyone can experience an open house from anywhere.
Spark Interest

Watch your buyers eyes light up when they are able to virtually tour your property listings with the first ever virtual open house option.
Let’s build your business together

Looking Glass tours can help increase new business, expedite sales, and add value for the homeowners.
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Stand out
Help agents at your brokerage shine. Show that you’re the best equipped with the latst technology, winning the listings, decrease listing time, and build your agent’s portfolio.

Keep the leads
Corner the market with an advantage like no other. Be the first in your area to provide a solution that allows always-open houses that are preserved in pristine quality.

Build your reputation
Gain branding and build a name for yourself as the tech-savy brokerage in town. By using Looking Glass scans that buyers, sellers, and agents will come to expect; your name will be remembered when real estate is mentioned.

Gain more listings
Create a program that will captivate sellers and excite buyers. Show off your listings with Looking Glass virtual tours to attract people and build interest in your listings.

Generate more leads
With a fully equipped technological toolbelt, your future clients will have likely seen your Looking Glass tours through your own webite or social media.

Build your presence
Successful agents offer the best in marketing, listing, and showcasing a property. Show your sellers that you are the right choice for their listing using your Looking Glass virtual tour.

Show your home’s true value
A Looking Glass virtual tour allows viewers to seamlessly explore your property. Providing a fully immersive walk-through experience no matter where the viewer is located.

Renovation before and after’s
Using a virtual tour before and after the renovations are completed is an excellent way to truly show the extent of your renovation process.

Decrease stagnantion on the market
With a virtual open house available to be viewed at all hours, you increase the odds of being contacted by prospective sellers from across the nation.

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You don’t need a degree to use it.

With only the click of a mouse, Looking Glass can showcase your property with a breathtaking virtual rendering.
Scan to upload in only a few hours

Within the course of only a few hours, Looking Glass can scan, stitch, and upload your ready to view virtual tour. There is little to no prep work involved in our process.
Share everywhere

Our Looking Glass virtual tours are hosted on premium cloud servers, so the tours are accessable anywhere. You can even add the tours to your favorite MLS or social media account.
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The results speak for themselves.

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Provide a new perspective

Use our overhead and Dollhouse views to see the entire property, use the floorplan view to see what the overall layout of the house, or virtually tour as though you’re there.
Optional features

Looking Glass virtual tours are now compatible with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR.

Schematic Floor Plans
With Looking Glass floor plans you have a new option to show the floor plan drawings other than the typical architect floorplans that take weeks to compose.

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