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Partnership with MACE Virtual Labs

Here at Looking Glass XR, we have partnered with MACE Virtual Labs to promote the hygiene and safe-keeping of XR equipment. Most storage solutions for XR have a single purpose: to store the devices. However, the LGXR PowerCart™ is a storage solution that effectively sanitizes the equipment using its built-in UV-C lamp; the UV-C light eliminates the threat of bacteria and viruses.

MACE Virtual Labs is a reputable enterprise, entertainment, government, medical, and training XR provider. MACE partners with various XR vendors to provide a one-stop shop for all your VR needs. One of those partnerships is between MACE and Looking Glass XR which offers MACE clients the ability to protect their equipment from pathogens.

XR hardware is prone to cross-contamination, especially in settings with heavy usage. Often, XR hardware is used in businesses or at conferences. With multiple people using personal equipment, having an effective cleaning solution is necessary. What’s more, the PowerCart cleans the hardware while being charged.

Looking Glass storage carts add to the spectrum of products that MACE offers; these carts store, charge, and sanitize your XR equipment at a reasonable price. Looking Glass aims to be an integral part of MACE’s XR scaling process. Organizations that wish to pursue VR and AR can now trust that their equipment is stored hygienically.

More About MACE Virtual Labs

MACE Virtual Labs is a group of AR and VR specialists offering solutions for various clients. Some of their clients include those in the medical, research, and entertainment industries. MACE sells products, both individually and as part of packages.

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