Looking Glass Services, Inc. is at IAAPA 2017

“The VRcade Arena and custom-tailored attractions, such as Terminal 17, provide an unprecedented, fully immersive VR experience that offers an exciting, VR attraction to complement LBE businesses.”

Kevin Vitale

CEO, VRstudios, Inc.

I.A.A.P.A.The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) represents nearly 5,000 amusement-industry members in 99 countries worldwide and operates several global amusement-industry trade shows. The annual IAAPA Attractions Exposition in Orlando, Florida is recognized as the world’s largest amusement trade show in the number of attendees and exhibitors and providing members insight into current amusement trends, laws, operations and industry methodology.

VRstudios was at IAAPA 2017 demonstrating the capabilities of the VRcade Arena to IAAPA attendees interested in providing large scale, high volume attractions that will both fascinate and entertain their guests. for Location-Based Entertainment.

Looking Glass Services, Inc. was invited by our friends at VR Studios to come on down to Orlando, Florida and help out with their arena. VRstudios had a gigantic booth, over 20 feet by 60 feet, in which they ran their latest version of the VRcade Arena. The Arena allows for up to 8 players at once in a completely immersive and wireless experience. The VRcade Arena is built on VRstudios’ Attraction Management Platform™ (AMP). AMP
integrates 1st and 3rd party hardware and software while providing a comprehensive support and operational environment for entertainment venue owners and operators.

The expo was amazing, we met a lot of people, made some new friends and look forward to making 2018 an incredible year for virtual reality!

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