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It’s the big week. Every detail has been meticulously planned for more than a year. The cake, centerpieces and catering are all running smoothly. Then the calls start flooding in, Grandma Dolores has fallen, broken her hip, and won’t be able to attend the wedding. Four of your cousins have contracted the flu. Don’t let the unexpected ruin your wedding day.

Looking Glass is pleased to announce our latest addition to our suite of services, 360 Live Event Weddings. With our brand new 360 live events streaming cameras you can share your big day with everyone, regardless of location. With our 360 live events cameras we can easily capture the entirety of the big day and allow distant guests to view a live stream of the ceremony and reception. These video streams are view-able on any tablet, mobile device, computer, or VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

So how does this all work?

Easy. We have a small fleet of 360 live event streaming cameras that we station at different points in your ceremony and reception. Each of these cameras records a 360 degree video, allowing the viewers to see any point of view they would like from each device. If the guest would like to change views, they simply click a different camera, wait a few seconds for the stream to load, and are now able to see your wedding from a different angle.

One of the biggest qualms newly weds have is that their wedding was a blur. All of the activities, the rigid schedule, and the ceremony itself is planned down to the minute. Leaving few moments for the newlyweds to take it all in. What if there was a way to not just look back on your wedding day, but to relive it. Our 360 live event streaming experience is not just for sharing your big day with distanced family and friends, it’s also serves as a one of a kind video keepsake. For years to come, you can relive the whole day, from any viewpoint our cameras were stationed at. Relive your biggest day from the eyes of the crowd, the minister, or where you stuck your unruly mother-in-law.

Why not just hire a “traditional” video camera operator?

Our Looking Glass 360 live event weddings are a must for the big day. Skip having a photographer scurrying in and out of the way, don’t spend your money on a stationary video camera that will inevitably miss half your wedding. This is the biggest day of your life, don’t let temperamental equipment dictate how you’ll look back on this moment. We’ve all seen the results of having a hand carried video camera in a wedding. The guests try to hide from it, the camera person shakes, and your keepsake video ends up looking like the next “found footage” summer blockbuster. Leave it up to us, Looking Glass, and we guarantee that your 360 Live Event wedding will be an experience like no other.

I’m sold, so now what do I do?

Easy. Simply reach out to us via the handy contact form found on our website, or by emailing Contact@LookingGlass.Services. All we need to know is where your wedding will be, the reception location, how many view points you would like, and if you would like custom cardboard viewer headsets to send out to distant friends and family unable to attend your wedding physically. One of our Looking Glass 360 Live Event technician team will then set up a date to view the venue with yourself or the wedding planner and cover the fine details such as where you would like the cameras stationed.

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