360 Video for Sporting Events


Keep Your Eye On The Ball…

With Looking Glass’ brand new 360 video service your sports games will be better than ever. Give your fans a taste of the excitement with front row seats to every game. Stadiums quickly sell out seating and once at capacity there’s no other option but to go to a bar or party to watch the game on a television. Why not give the fans on the couch a game to remember.

Our new 360 Degree Video service provides an immersive 360 degree experience that allows viewers to look as though they were actually there. Looking Glass’ 360 Videos can be quickly shared on your website, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram; and viewed on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. No matter where your fans are, they can now watch the game.

Up to 38% of homes in America has cut the cable and doesn’t have access to games on major cable networks. Even with paid subscriptions to ESPN and other sports networks, there are still games that are unavailable to view. Stop allowing YouTube streamers to raise money off of your games and provide a stable and preferred video service that you can profit off of.

Within an hour our Looking Glass 360 Video technicians can turn your sporting event into an online sensation. Simply pick your viewpoints for our 360 degree 4K cameras and we’ll take it from there. Everything inside the camera’s 360 degree field of vision can be captured, saved, or streamed to your eager fans.

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