360 Video for Weddings


For a Moment Like This…

With Looking Glass’ brand new 360 Video service, your walk down the aisle can be seen by friends and family regardless of distance. We know how chaotic planning a wedding can be. How every detail is meticulously planned from the flower arrangements to the tiny table toppers. While we can’t help you figure out what shade of blue will look best, we can certainly make this day one to remember.

More and more weddings are asking for no cellphones to be in the ceremony, or to only let the paid photographer take the pictures. While this helps remove technological interference in your big day, it also limits the range of photography to one perspective. Let your guests have a one of a kind way to look back on your big day with Looking Glass’ 360 Degree Video service. Simply pick our positions during the ceremony and reception and we will handle it from there.

Our 360 Video service is able to be streamed to distant friends and family members via a live feed of 360 degree video shot at 4K resolution. If streaming isn’t your style, we will simply provide you a one of a kind wedding video. Imagine seeing your big day from the front row of the audience’s perspective, looking back behind you to see your friend’s faces as you walk the aisle.


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