360 Video for Meetings and Presentations


Bring Everyone Together…from Wherever!


With Looking Glass’ brand new 360 Video service meetings are about to change, forever. The technology end behind meetings has greatly changed over the past 10 years. Instant messaging, screen sharing via Join.Me, Skype video calls, and FaceTime have helped change how long distance clients handle meetings. They all lack one thing however, the ability to re-watch the meeting and edit notes/transcriptions.

With our 360 Degree Video service Looking Glass offers a new perspective for virtual meetings. Stop using grainy videos that have to be redirected frequently, and let our 360 degree 4K video service change your meetings from boring to immersive. It’s too easy for clients to not feel like they are a part of digital interactions. The camera may not adjust to whom they are speaking and the sound quality is determined by 3rd party servers bogged down with thousands of users.

Our 360 Video service allows for these 360 degree videos to be saved and reviewed with ease. If you need to revisit how a client felt about a specific thing, stop sending the ever-awkward “Can you tell me this again?” emails and just review the meeting. Why 360 versus traditional video? The video stream itself is shot in 360 degrees, allowing the camera to capture all participating parties, and picking up the different voices with 4 Ambisonic microphones. The videos can be quickly reviewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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