360 Video for Corporate Training


Speak to a Bigger Audience…

With Looking Glass’ brand new 360 Video service every lecture can be saved and shown to the world. Instead of having to film the lecture on a shaky hand device to share with your colleagues or students, let them be part of the experience virtually. Not only are these 360 videos completely immersive, but they are able to be saved and reused for years to come.

Reach out to new potential students is easier than ever before. Having a guest speaker at your school can be exciting, but even with a packed lecture hall or auditorium you’re still missing out on reaching everyone. With our new 360 Degree Video service you can quickly and easily share educational lectures or events with anyone.

After the University of Indiana shared and sent out a virtual tour to perspective students in 2015, they have seen record setting enrollment statistics. More out of state students and minorities are attending their university than ever before. It’s time for your school to jump on the virtual bandwagon and begin reaching out to students further and faster than ever imagined.

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