360 Video for Birthdays


Capture every moment…

With Looking Glass’ brand new 360 Video service every birthday can be captured, streamed and relived for years to come. Skip the traditional hand held recorder, and let us do the work. We know how quickly children grow up and how important each birthday is. With our new 360 Video service you can give distanced or home-bound friends and family a chance to see and enjoy the celebration.

Step out from behind your camera or cellphone and enjoy your loved one’s birthday. Don’t miss out on a moment of the celebration worrying about recharging your batteries. With our new 360 Video service we make birthday parties a breeze. Skip worrying about planning birthday parties, and start enjoying them!

You can’t be everywhere at once, but we can! We currently offer 2 “viewpoints” of these events that can be custom tailored to suit your needs. Once our cameras are set up, the stream goes live, and a 360 experience is created. Everything within our camera’s 360 degree field of vision will be filmed, streamed, and saved to create a one of a kind birthday experience.

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