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Virtual Reality Storage Solutions for Schools, Public Attractions, Museums, Tourism…

Looking Glass XR Services leads the way in innovative vr storage solutions for organizations that manage multiple virtual reality headsets in a commercial or educational environment.

Storage Solutions for Virtual Reality
Innovative Storage & Charging Solutions for a

Brave. New. World.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can deliver educational and training experiences like no other medium.

Managing dozens of VR headsets is a logistical nightmare. We know. We sell, manage, and run VR for Location Based Entertainment. It was this experience that gave us the insight to find a better way.

How do you store dozens of VR headsets securely?
How do you charge dozens of VR headsets safely?

We fast tracked the development of several storage options for virtual reality headsets with our clients and now we have made them available for everyone.

Public Attractions

The VR Power Wall™

Sporting a smaller foot print with the ability to upgrade capacity, our Power Wall™ is a great choice for locations with limited space.

$799 Shipping May 1st, pre-order now

After the success of the VR Power Tower, we learned that not every location requires storage for up to 30 VR headsets. So we went back into the lab and created the new VR Power Wall – Modular Storage Solution for storing and charging up to 8 virtual reality headsets.

Optional Marquee for custom artwork, your logo or monetize into advertising space!

Securely Store & Charge 8 VR Headsets
Made in the USA
Google Expeditions Compatible

NC Zoo Adds Virtual Reality Exhibit...

VR Africa Safari at North Carolina Zoo

When the North Carolina Zoo was looking for a local  company to help them realize their dream of a virtual  animal exhibitation Looking Glass teamed up to create an engaging experience that ensures everyone can have the opportunity to meet some of the park’s rarest attractions.

Power Wall is on Kickstarter

Click the button to sign up for our early bird access and stay up to date on when the Power Wall Storage for VR Headsets Kickstarter launches!

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