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Virtual Reality Storage Solutions for Schools, Public Attractions, Museums, Tourism…

How do you charge multiple virtual reality headsets safely, securely, attractively, and compactly – all while providing easy access and with the option to expand indefinitely?
Managing dozens of all-in-one mobile VR headsets is a logistical nightmare. We know. We develop custom VR software for enterprise clients and help them deploy, manage, and run their mobile VR hardware across a variety of environments. We have even assisted in the rollout of virtual reality for LBE and FEC clients. It was this experience that drove us to find a better way.

The VR PowerWall™

Sporting a smaller foot print with the ability to upgrade capacity, our Power Wall™ is a great choice for locations with limited space.

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After the success of the VR Power Tower, we learned that not every location requires storage for up to 30 VR headsets. So we went back into the lab and created the new VR Power Wall – Modular Storage Solution for storing and charging up to 8 virtual reality headsets.

Optional Marque for custom artwork, your logo or monetize into advertising space!


    • 45.75” tall
    • 35.5” wide
    • 6” deep

Storage for VR Headsets - The VR PowerWall 8-Unit
  • Schools/Education
  • Location Based Entertainment
  • Public Event Spaces
  • Museums
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Municipalities
  • Government/Military
The VR Power Wall Storage Systems are compatible with the most popular Mobile VR Headsets.

The VR Power Wall works with any series of Pico VR, Oculus Quest and 2, Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus/Focus Plus, the Hololens 2, and is designed to work with future mobile 6DoF VR headsets.

The VR PowerWall 8-Unit shown below holding and charging a variety of headsets.

VR PowerWall with PICO VR Headsets
VR PowerWall with a variety of VR Headsets
Advertising Marquee.
The VR PowerWall includes additional space at the top that can be used as an optional marque to display your logo or message.
VR PowerWall Advertising Marquee
Securely Store & Charge 8 VR Headsets
Made in the USA
Google Expeditions Compatible


Our VR PowerWall is constructed from 100%, high quality PVC Foam Sheets and can survive for as long as 4 decades without any damage. PVC Foam Sheets are a very durable material widely used anywhere that a long lasting building material is required.

Fully Wired.

All VR PowerWall units will come fully wired with USB C 3.0 cords. The 4 and 8 units will be wired into a USB charging and data hub hidden on the bottom of the unit. The unit has easy access to all wiring so if for any reason a wire(s) need to be replaced or swapped out.

Easy to Clean.

The VR PowerWall can be cleaned with most of your favorite cleaning products. We recommend testing an application onto a small area of the back of the unit.

Water Resistant.

The VR PowerWall maintains solid resistance to water due to its composition. If your VR Power Wall comes into contact with water, it will not swell or lose its composition. This makes it perfect for all types of weather and conditions.

Fire Resistant.

The VR PowerWall is fire resistant and can be used anywhere. Acid, heat or light won’t hurt it!

Corrosion Resistant.

When brought in contact with chemicals, PVC Foam Sheets do not react. They keep their state intact which saves them from any kind of deformation.


The VR Power Wall is constructed from PVC Foam Sheets. PVC foam sheets are not toxic and can be recycled. Because PVC is foam sheets are made with non-toxic and eco-friendly thermoplastic materials it is free of lead, barium, zinc, and cadmium.


The VR PowerWall it can be painted with any type of paint to match its environment.

Pairs Nicely with The CleanBox™

Cleanbox kills 99.999% of all contagions on shared devices to keep you safe.

The Cleanbox and the VR PowerWall

NC Zoo Adds Virtual Reality Exhibit...

VR Africa Safari at North Carolina Zoo

When the North Carolina Zoo was looking for a local  company to help them realize their dream of a virtual  animal exhibitation Looking Glass teamed up to create an engaging experience that ensures everyone can have the opportunity to meet some of the park’s rarest attractions.

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